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chairs after

DIY Dining Chairs Makeover for $26.00

Buying new furniture can be very costly.  In my search for new furniture for our dining room, I decided to just change the chairs up to create a new look for the room.  I found these chairs for $8.00 each at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

chairs before

Ralph is checking out the new additions

Now, these chairs were in pretty bad shape, there was some water damage to the feet of one of them and spiders had made a home in the underside of the other one.  So I gave them a good rub down with some Clorox wipes and then I started sanding.

chair foot before

Water damaged foot

Well I knew ahead of time, before I bought the chairs, that I wanted to paint them white, so I was able to use painter’s putty or regular Spackle to fill in the damaged parts of the feet.  The only supplies I needed were:

  • paint
  • light grade sandpaper
  • brush and roller
  • spackle
  • Chairs and Fabric

chair project suppliesSo I sanded until the chair felt smooth, and then I sanded in between the layers of paint to make sure that I didn’t have any paint strokes, and then for the final coat of paint I used a spongy roller that is used for cabinets so I was sure to be free of any brush stroke texture. Looking back on it now, It would be way easier to use a sprayer, but if you don’t have access to a sprayer, a little elbow grease doesn’t hurt!

chair foot dualUsing the Design Principles of Unity Harmony and Variety, and painting the two chairs the same color and covering the seats with the same fabric, I created essentially a new set of chairs for our dining room!

chairs afterI got some left over designer fabric for only $10 on sale, the chairs were $8 each, and the rest of the supplies I already had on hand.  So, for $26.00 we have the beginning of a new set of chairs for our dining room! Only four more chairs to go!  Stay tuned for the table and china hutch makeover!