Completed PVC Beauty Project

DIY: Storage for Hairdryer and Straightener

diy-storage-hairdryer-straightenerSince I use my hairdryer and straightener just about every day, I usually just leave them lying on my dresser.  In an effort to reduce the clutter, I thought I would try my hand at a DIY project I saw on Pinterest a while back.  One thing to note, you will need to weight the bottom (I used pebbles from my yard and driveway) so that the container doesn’t topple over when you take out the hairdryer.

The supplies you will need:

  • PVC Pipe
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Dry Oasis Foam – for stuffing the bottom
  • Exact-o knife or razor blade
  • Paint and Spray Paint

The first step is to stuff the bottom of the PVC pipe with the Dry Oasis Foam so that you can close it off to add your weights.



I used a kitchen knife to shave off the excess foam, making it flush with the edge of the pipe.  Next, I sprayed the whole thing black.  The Foam is kind of flaky and the spray paint helped to seal the foam and reduce the dust.



Once your spray paint is dry, you can add the Painter’s Tape for the pattern.  I chose the chevron pattern, this is a little tricky and it took me a couple of tries because of the odd shape of the PVC pipe.



I first put the Painter’s Tape on the PVC pipe in a criss-cross pattern.

IMG_3595      IMG_3596


Then I cut off part of the Painter’s Tape to reveal the chevron pattern.  Now you are ready for paint.  I used some exterior paint that I had lying around, I didn’t want to use spray paint because I never trust that the Painter’s Tape will keep the paint from bleeding.

IMG_0101   IMG_0100


Once your paint is dry, you are ready to take off the tape. I still needed to do some touch-ups to get the lines straight.  After your touch-ups, add your stones or whatever to weight the bottom and then you are good to go!



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