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Is your Stuff Weighing you Down?

interior-design-parade-teaserWhat would you save if there was a fire?

There was an interesting article in Parade Magazine a while back about de-cluttering and prioritizing the ‘things’ that are important to us.  The stuff that we acquire over the years at one time carried sentimental value, then gets lost in a closet somewhere.  At times we are overwhelmed with what we have and what we have to do, and that why it is a good idea to ask for help to remind you what is really important.

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Completed PVC Beauty Project

DIY: Storage for Hairdryer and Straightener

diy-storage-hairdryer-straightenerSince I use my hairdryer and straightener just about every day, I usually just leave them lying on my dresser.  In an effort to reduce the clutter, I thought I would try my hand at a DIY project I saw on Pinterest a while back.  One thing to note, you will need to weight the bottom (I used pebbles from my yard and driveway) so that the container doesn’t topple over when you take out the hairdryer.

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harmony unity image

Principles of Design: UNITY, HARMONY and VARIETY

harmony unity imageWhen discussing the principles of Unity, Harmony and Variety, it is almost impossible to describe one without talking about the other two.  Unity is the repetition of a common element or characteristic within your space to provide visual harmony.  For example, a monochromatic color scheme or repetition of shape and form within a design brings sameness and cohesion.

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