Principles of Design: CONTRAST

fancy-yellow-contrast-flower-hd-wallpaperContrast is the juxtaposition of elements that are opposite; dark and light, big and small, thick and thin, heavy and light.  Contrast for designers is, in reality, more important than that; it is arguably the most important element of the design.  Designers strive to create interesting, comfortable, creative spaces and easily achievable using contrast.

Additionally, contrast is the consideration between the positive and negative space within your space, it helps with balance and symmetry.  Positive space is the color, furniture and all of the stuff we like to use to fill up the room.  Negative space is what is the empty spaces that allow for focus.  When you are designing a room, you must consider the empty spaces that will be left free of “stuff.”  The contrast between large, overstuffed furniture and a sleek, hollow coffee table will allow for balance within the space.  Neutral furniture and bold patterned accessories allow for our ever-changing tastes.


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